AI in Medicine

Great News! Our course is the receipient of the Global Classrooms Funding Initiative which has as goal to internationalize teaching and learning experiences by combining global and cross-cultural collaborations with technology. Students from the Universidad de Costa Rica (Costa Rica) and from Universidad de las Américas Puebla (Mexico) are now part of our course. This will create a true international ‘melting pot’ of students and faculty.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a rapidly developing field and has been revolutionizing the medical field to benefit medicine. This course uses recent literature, papers, and examples to look at the applications of AI tools to see how they can directly assist patients and medical professionals. This 0.25 FCE course (MSC 1114H) is primarily for students in a MSc, PhD, residency/ fellowship program that would like to gain insight on the emerging field. Some topics discussed include challenges in the medical field and how AI can help, applications of AI/ML, and future of AI in medicine.

Course Session Schedule for Fall 2023

The “AI in Medicine” course starts on Wednesday, September 13th 2023 running for 6 sessions (see dates below) on Wednesdays. Discussion sessions will run from 6.00pm – 7.30pm in-person (room MS 3278 in the Medical Sciences Building at UofT) and virtual:

Link to Video Discussion Sessions: (once session has passed, the link will be to the recording)

Assigned video lectures are available my YouTube channel here (see playlists).


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