Professor Pascal Tyrrell is a data scientist—a combination of research methodologist, computer/database solutions architect and innovator. He received his PhD in medical sciences from the University of Toronto working in the area of pediatric rheumatology at SickKids (Toronto, ON). Currently, he is the director of data science and an associate professor with the Department of Medical Imaging, University of Toronto where he is the founder of the MiDATA data science program. Pascal is also appointed to the Institute of Medical Science and the Department of Statistical Sciences where his research aims to establish useful guidelines for the quantity and quality of input data for machine learning in medical imaging research. Pascal has previous work experience in the computer and financial industries, has joined the medical device tech start-up company AceAge Inc. as their Chief Science Officer and is the CEO and co-founder of the software startup company SofTx Innovations.

Current Students (mouse over for descriptions)

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Adam Adli (Undergrad student – BSc, Research Assistant) Andrew Magnuson (Undergrad student – BSc, Volunteer) Atsuhiro Hibi (Grad student – PhD, Researcher) Emaan Chaudry (Grad student – MSc, Researcher) Frozan Safi (Medical Student – Volunteer) Indranil Balki (Medical student, Researcher) James Hong (Post-doc – PhD, Researcher)
Irene Yingxuan Niu (Undergrad student – BSc, volunteer) John Valen (Grad student – MSc, Researcher) Marwan Mohamed (Grad student – MSc, Intern) Mauro Mendez (Grad student – MSc, Researcher) Wendi Qu (BSc, Research Assistant)

Haoying Shen (Undergrad student – BSc, Volunteer)

Data Science & Medical Imaging

Yunni Qu (Undergrad student – BSc, Work Study) Fatma Eltawil  (PhD, Research Assistant) Jennie Fang (Undergrad student – BSc, Work Study) Hanzi Jiang(Undergrad student – BSc, Volunteer) Jacqueline Seal (Undergrad student – BSc, ROP) Irene Fang(Undergrad student – BSc, ROP) Qianyu Fan (Undergrad student – BSc, ROP)

Lynxi Chen (Undergrad student – BSc, ROP)

Lu Yang Shang (Undergrad student – BSc, Volunteer) Parinita Edke (Undergrad student – BSc, Volunteer) Rashmi Kurup (MSc, Research Manager) Saifei Liao (Undergrad student – BSc, Volunteer) Stanley Bryan Hua (Undergrad student – BSc, Volunteer)

Jihong Huang (Undergrad student – BSc, ROP)

Rui Zhu (Undergrad student – BSc, ROP)

Statistics & Biostatistics

Afsaneh Amirabadi (PhD, Clinical Research Project Manager) Amar Dholakia (Grad student – MSc, Research Assistant) Guan Wang (MSc, Biostatistician)
Jason Zhu (MSc, Biostatistician) Lee Radigan (Grad student – MSc, Biostatistician) Ziming Chen (Undergrad student – BSc, Volunteer)


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