About MiDATA

Medical imaging data, which are accumulating in clinics in ever larger amounts, seem to be an ideal target for the ‘big data’ approach…So far, however, big data — or perhaps more appropriately, the ‘big picture’ — has not had much impact on this information-rich environment.

— Dr. Alan Moody
Radiologist and Professor
University of Toronto

What comes to mind when you think ‘medical imaging’? X-rays, MRI, CT scans? These are unique tools: both powerful and effective in the detection of the body’s abnormalities, but as Dr. Alan Moody explains in his article Perspective: The Big Picture, they can also be gateways to many other possibilities that have yet to be explored. The Medical Image Data Blog—MiDATA—aims to explore this budding aspect of foreign terrain. We offer a new perspective on medical imaging beyond the traditional, diagnostic uses: exploring associations, patterns, and predictive capabilities inherent to the large volumes of image data now available to data scientists, data that has the potential to push the boundaries of current healthcare norms. MiDATA’s mission is to report on the confluence of medical science and data science within the world of imaging and to provide insight into the latest developments from around the world.