Indranil Balki Receives Undergraduate Research Fund Prize

Recently from our centre, Indranil Balki, under the supervision of Dr. Pascal Tyrrell, received the Undergraduate Research Fund Prize, a prestigious, semi-annual award presented for innovative research at the University of Toronto. The grant has helped to fund the purchase of a Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) at the Data Science unit in the Department of Medical Imaging. The GPU will add versatility and flexibility to the machine learning tools available for students and staff at the lab – supporting projects that leverage AI in medical image analysis and aid in the investigation of broader issues ranging from class imbalance to sample size determination in machine learning.

Indranil is enrolled in medical school at the University of Toronto and recently completed his undergraduate degree in Statistics & Biology. His research experiences in Prof. Tyrrell’s units inspire Indranil to leverage data science, including machine learning, database management and cost-effectiveness analysis to improve clinical care.