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Afsaneh Amirabadi
Afsaneh Amirabadi (PhD, MCCPM) is a medical physicist with MRI sub-speciality. She works at SickKids' hospital, Diagnostic Imaging Department, as a research associate. Afsaneh joined the MiDATA statistic group as a volunteer since 2017.
Henry Lu
Student - Biostatistics
Henry graduated last year as a Statistics specialist at the University of Toronto. Currently, he is working as a biostatistician in the MiData lab at the Department of Medical Imaging. This fall, Henry will become a graduate student in biostatistics at the University of Toronto. Henry's goal is to utilize his statistical knowledge and modeling strategies to answer biomedical questions and make discoveries that can be translated to enhance health and improve disease prevention and treatment.
Juan Diaz Martinez
Work Study Student
Lee Radigan
Lee's role at the lab is statistical collaboration. His research interests are biostatistics and medical imaging. Outside of the lab, Lee's hobbies are basketball.
Stella Wang
Stella is a graduate student pursuing her Masters in in Biostatistics at the University of Toronto. She works as Biostatistician in Prof. Tyrrell's lab. She helps researchers in biomedical field with statistical analysis.