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Director of data science
Pascal Tyrrell is a data scientist—a combination of research methodologist, computer/database solutions architect and innovator. He received his PhD in medical sciences from the University of Toronto working in the area of pediatric rheumatology at SickKids (Toronto, ON). Currently, he is the director of data science and an associate professor with the Department of Medical Imaging, University of Toronto where his aim is to understand, explore, and innovate where information and communications technology can be used effectively to encourage the translation of health research into action. Pascal is also appointed to the Department of Statistical Sciences where his research aims to establish useful guidelines for the quantity and quality of input data for machine learning in medical imaging research by investigating current methods as well as developing new ones. Pascal has previous work experience in the computer and financial industries and more recently, he has joined the medical device tech start-up company AceAge Inc. as their Chief Scientific Officer.


Machine Learning

Adam Adli
ROP Student
Adam is a third year student studying computer science and nutrition. He will be joining the lab in the academic year of 2018-19 as an ROP student. Adam's hobbies include software development and music production.
Ahmed Sigiuk
Ahmed is a graduate student from the University of British Columbia pursing Masters in Electrical and Computer Engineering. His research interests are in signal processing, time-series analysis, and Machine Learning. Currently, he is working on application of CNN on medical images for survival analysis.
Ariana Burmudez
Exchange Student
Ariana is an undergraduate student from the Tecnológico de Costa Rica. She is currently pursuing her undergraduate degree in Computing Engineering. At Tyrrell's lab, she is working in the classification of dental image artifacts using machine learning. During her free time, she likes to watch TV series or play video games.
Daniel Eftekhari
Master's Student
Daniel is a graduate student in biomedical engineering at U of T. He is a machine learning researcher in the lab and his research interests include machine learning and computer vision.
Dianna McAllister
ROP Student
Dianna is a second-year undergraduate student in the bioinformatics specialist program at the University of Toronto. She will be an ROP student in the upcoming 2018-2019 academic year. Outside of academics, Dianna is on the U of T varsity cheerleading team.
Hershel Stark
Machine Learning - Lead
Hershel recently graduated from U of T in statistics and biochemistry, and will be doing his master's in Financial Insurance in the 2018-2019 year. He started in Dr. Tyrrell’s group back in 2014 as a Youth Summer Program student, and has been involved on the machine learning team since early 2017. Hershel's interests span deep learning, image recognition, and time-series analysis.
John Valen
Mauro Mendez
Mauro is a fourth-year undergraduate student from Tecnológico de Costa Rica specialising in Computing Engineering. He is currently doing an academic internship at UofT funded by scholarships received from his university in Costa Rica. His project is to explore the effects of a heterogeneous data set on a deep learning pipeline for the survival analysis prediction using unsupervised learning.
Rachael Jaffe
ROP Student
Rachael Jaffe is a third year undergraduate student studying Global Health with minors in Economics and Statistics. She will be joining Professor Tyrrell’s lab for the 2018-2019 academic year as an ROP student. Outside of academics, Rachael plays water polo for the Varsity Blues.
Ruijan An
Serena Singh
ROP Student
Serena is a second-year student in the Life Sciences program at the University of Toronto. During the Fall/Winter Term, she will be a Research Assistant in Dr. Tyrrell’s lab as part of the Fall/Winter ROP Program. Serena is interested in research in the field of neuroscience and the ways in which the implementation of machine learning in a lab setting could greatly improve the efficacy and accuracy of such research.
Sherry Lu
ROP Student
Sherry is a second year student specializing in Mathematics. In summer 2018 she is an ROP student at Professor Tyrrell’s lab.
Steven Wilkins-Reeves
Tural Gulmammadov
Wenda Zhao
ROP Student
Wenda is an undergraduate student going into his fourth year at U of T studying pathobiology and neuroscience. He is doing a summer ROP with Prof. Tyrrell on machine learning in classifying dental image artifacts. Wenda is interested in the clinical application of machine learning and his other research interests include the pathogenesis of neurodegenerative diseases. In his free time when the weather is warm, Wenda enjoys biking around the city.
Wendi Qu
ROP Student
Wendi is an undergraduate student going into her third year at U of T double majoring in Molecular Genetics and Statistics. She is an ROP student for the upcoming 2018-2019 fall/winter. Currently, Wendi is doing epidemiology research on kidney transplant recipients in Toronto General Hospital as a continuation of her ROP299. She is very interested in exploring and researching on how machine learning can help improve healthcare practices. Wendi enjoys sketching and swimming in her free time.



Hanatu Tak
Hanatu is an undergraduate student entering her fifth year at UofT, majoring in Health & Disease and Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, and minoring in Physiology. She began volunteering for Prof. Tyrrell in May 2016 and has worked on multiple projects pertaining to AceAge. Hanatu hopes to one day work in the field of medical innovation.
John Harvey
John is an information architect. He received his Master of Design from Ontario College of Art and Design University, and his Master of Science in Biomedical Communications from the University of Toronto. John helps plan the course that data will take as it enters the MiNE universe, by conceptualizing the MiNE workflow, modelling its physical network, mapping its data entities and designing its data entry process.
Nirun Sivananthan
Rashmi Kurup
Rashmi is a graduate student from the University of Guelph pursing Masters in Biotechnology. She has 8 years of experience working as a Business Analyst and Project Manager in Life Sciences and IT/ITeS arenas. She has worked closely with industry-leading multinational clients in Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology industries in North America, Europe and Asia regions. She is currently working as an intern at AceAge Inc., a healthcare technology company.
Stella Song
Stella is an undergraduate student in the Pharmacology & Toxicology and the Psychology program at the University of Toronto. Stella did a ROP project under Professor Tyrrell in the summer of 2016, and she is currently a volunteer in the lab.



Afsaneh Amirabadi
Afsaneh Amirabadi (PhD, MCCPM) is a medical physicist with MRI sub-speciality. She works at SickKids' hospital, Diagnostic Imaging Department, as a research associate. Afsaneh joined the MiDATA statistic group as a volunteer since 2017.
Henry Lu
Student - Biostatistics
Henry graduated last year as a Statistics specialist at the University of Toronto. Currently, he is working as a biostatistician in the MiData lab at the Department of Medical Imaging. This fall, Henry will become a graduate student in biostatistics at the University of Toronto. Henry's goal is to utilize his statistical knowledge and modeling strategies to answer biomedical questions and make discoveries that can be translated to enhance health and improve disease prevention and treatment.
Juan Diaz Martinez
Work Study Student
Lee Radigan
Lee's role at the lab is statistical collaboration. His research interests are biostatistics and medical imaging. Outside of the lab, Lee's hobbies are basketball.
Stella Wang
Stella is a graduate student pursuing her Masters in in Biostatistics at the University of Toronto. She works as Biostatistician in Prof. Tyrrell's lab. She helps researchers in biomedical field with statistical analysis.


Data Analytics

Amar Dholakia
Work Study Student
Amar is a 3rd year undergraduate Work-Study student, double majoring in Neuroscience and Statistics. He is currently working on updating and maintaining the Medical Imaging personnel database, MiDAS.
Tinny Nguyen
Work Study Student
Tinny is an undergraduate student at the University of Toronto studying cognitive science. In Tyrrell's lab, he will be working on the MiDATA reports. In his spare time, Tinny likes to read comics.


Clinical Research

Denis Selimovic
Emaan Chaudry
Emaan currently attends the Virginia Commonwealth University where she is majoring in Bioinformatics on the Genomic track and going into her 3rd year. Emaan is also enrolled in a guaranteed admission program at her school. Her research experience in this lab began in 2015 and she has been focusing on the topic of CNS Vasculitis.
Ginny Ting
Clinical Epidemiology
Samantha Santoro



Alana Man
Current: Digital Analyst - Digital Solutions and Innovation, Ontario Ministry of Health Previous: MiVIP
Ali Geramy
Current: Biology - YorkU | Founder of Inspect Digital, Branding & Digital Solutions Previous: MiVIP
Ali Rafieian
Previous: MiVIP
Angela Lo
Previous: MiVIP and Youth Summer Program
Ariba Alam
Current: Project Management - eHealth Ontario Previous: MiVIP
Aya Mahder-Bashi
Current: MPH - U of T               Previous: MiVIP
Brandon Teteruck
Current: Communications Officer - Asthma Canada   Previous: MiVIP and staff
Clare Sheen
Previous: ROP Student
Daniella Manna
Previous: MiVIP
Danielle Arje
Previous: MiVIP
Eli Lechtman
Current: Radiation Oncologist Previous: Medical Student
Ervin Ibadula
Previous: MiVIP
Faith Balshin
Current: Doctor of Chiropractic Program - Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College   Previous: MiVIP
George Wang
Current: Student at U of T Previous: ROP Student
Yu Xiang (Gordon) Wang
Current: Student at U of T Previous: MiVIP
Hao Yue (Helena) Lan
Current: Medical Student - U of T Previous: MiVIP
Current: Medical Student Previous: ROP Student
Janet Huang
Previous: ROP Student
Jayun Bae
Current: Student at U of T Previous: ROP Student
Julia Robson
Previous: ROP Student
Kiersten Thomas
Previous: ROP Student
Mashhood Memon
Previous: ROP Student
Meimei Fong
Current: Analyst, Financial Crimes at RBC   Previous: Work Study Student
Michael Manno
Current: CIHI Previous: MiVIP
Michelle Cheung
Current: Student at U of T Previous: Youth Summer Program
Nadia Stec
Current: Master's Student, Biology - UOttawa Previous: Work Study Student and MiVIP
Neda Ghiam
Current: Research Fellow at Department of Dermatology and Cutaneous surgery   Previous: MiVIP
Ori Wiegner
Previous: MiVIP
Oscar Moody
Current: JD Candidate - U of T Previous: Summer Student
Tina Binesh Marvasti
Current: MD-PhD Candidate - U of T Previous: MiVIP
Usman Tarique
Current: Medical Student - U of T Previous: MiVIP
Yang Zang
Previous: Independent Studies Student
Yao Xi
Current: Finance Officer - China Construction Bank            Previous: MiVIP
Yuhang Wu
Current: Master's Student, Biostatistics - U of T           Previous: Biostatistics student
Zeneng Fan
Current: Master's Student, Financial Mathematics - U of T          Previous: Work Study Student